01.05.2018: First day for petitions
04.05.2018: Qualifying deadline NOON
04.12.2018: Withdrawal deadline NOON
07.03.2018: Registration deadline
07.13.2018 - 07.28.2018: Early Voting

Offices on the Ballot 08/02/2018

US Senate
US House of Rep
TN Senate
TN House of Rep
State Executive Committeeman
Republican & Democrat
State Executive Committeewoman
Republican & Democrat

County Mayor
County Legislative Body (all districts & positions)
County Trustee
Circuit Court Clerk
County Clerk
Register of Deeds
Superintendent of Roads
County School Board (districts A, B, C, E, G, & I)
Constables (all districts)
Dyersburg School Board (at large position 1 & wards 2 & 4)